Football: Spanish club pays player transfer with Bitcoin (BTC)

In Spain, the transfer of footballer David Barral to his new club has just been completed entirely with Bitcoin (BTC). This is a historic first made possible by Criptan, the new sponsor of DUX Internacional de Madrid.

A first transfer with Bitcoin (BTC)

This is a historic first, the transfer of a football player has just been made entirely with Bitcoin (BTC). Striker David Barral is joining DUX Internacional de Madrid, a club in the Spanish third division. The transfer amount was not disclosed by the club.

The signing of this historic contract is the result of collaboration between the Spanish club and its new sponsor, Criptan . A local platform for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, the startup instantly benefits from a major spotlight.

Although the signing of David Barral for his new club has been formalized, doubts remain as to the validation of the transfer by the institutions governing football. As Sport points out :

“Neither the Spanish Football Federation, the RFEF , nor the International Federation, FIFA , have communicated on this subject. An officialization of this cryptocurrency bonus could create a significant case law in the world of football. “

If this initiative is not called into question, it could convince other clubs and players to take the plunge.

The increasingly crypto-friendly sports industry

Although this is a first in the football industry, the sports world is increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Last December, American football player Russell Okung asked to receive half of his $ 13 million salary in bitcoin . Another first made possible thanks to the startup Zap and its Strike service , which includes a solution for converting checks and transfers into BTC.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are increasingly intruding into the sports industry, something that Sorare , a French startup that has developed a new genre of fantasy football, has understood .

By collaborating with leading football clubs, Sorare digitizes players in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can then be used to prepare a squad and compete against other players.

True digital collector’s items, the cards of these players are snapped up at a high price. Last year, a digital card bearing the image of striker Kylian Mbappé was auctioned for more than 55,000 euros .