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Banking Crisis Looms: Is Crypto the Future of Secure Investing?

• Two of the top United States banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, have just collapsed.
• The collapse has been considered highly bullish for Bitcoin and other leading digital assets.
• Economists anticipate that the Federal Reserve will soon divert from its fight against inflation.

Banking Crisis Looms

The collapse of two of the top United States banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, has been considering the most bullish thesis for Bitcoin and other leading digital assets. Moreover, the top digital assets have gained over 7 percent in the past 24 hours as investors scramble for more secure investment tools.

Could Banking System’s Failure Prove Beneficial For Crypto?

Notably, the $25 billion bailout by the United States federal government has investors questioning the fractional reserve banking system which requires lenders to maintain only a small portion of deposits available for withdrawal while the rest are lent out to fuel economic activity. This scenario could trigger a banking crisis much worse than 2008 financial crisis. With US CPI data set to be announced tomorrow economists anticipate that Fed will soon divert from its fight against inflation.

Bitcoin To The Moon?

According to Michael Casey author of ‚The Age of Cryptocurrency‘ a similar situation to 2012–2013 Cypriot financial crisis could be unfolding which fueled Bitcoin rally 2013 to a great extent .He believes this banking crisis is not related to Crypto but it can prove beneficial for crypto in long term.

Liquidity Problem

Though Bitcoin can fix fractional reserve issue yet it is unable to rally that much as liquidity was already bad before SVB and now it has gone worse due to bank failure .Peter Schiff also tweeted about it on Thursday predicting about Quantitative easing unofficially resuming on Monday with Americans paying for this bailout with much higher inflation which further supports buying gold instead of crypto .


The collapse of two major banks in US has triggered panic amongst investors who are looking towards secure investment options like crypto .This banking crisis is not related directly with crypto but might indirectly benefit it if proper measures are taken by government so that same mistake doesn’t repeat again .

SOL Price Prediction: Will Solana Reach $36.87 by 2023?


• Solana is a blockchain technology that is currently experiencing market-wide turbulence.
• Investors are concerned about the future of their investments, but Solana crypto price predictions for 2023 – 2025 show potential for growth.
• There are several reputable sources that have made their own Solana price predictions for the coming years.

Solana’s Overview

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain technology that specializes in providing high transaction speed and success rate when compared to its rivals. It has become increasingly popular with investors and traders over the last few years due to its powerful network capabilities. Despite recent market-wide turbulence, the SOL coin price continues to remain stable, signaling potential for growth in the near future. This article takes a closer look at Solana’s current market standings and provides an outlook on what could be expected from SOL prices in 2023 – 2025 based on expert analysis from various sources.

Solana Price Prediction For November 2022

Wallet Investor predicts that by November 2022, Solana will reach $20. At this time, it still remains uncertain how long this increase may last as the crypto industry continues to experience volatility across all markets. However, those who believe in investing long term may be satisfied with such an outcome as it shows potential for further growth down the line.

Solana Crypto Price Prediction For December 2022

Trading Beasts’s forecast suggests that by December 2022, SOL will rise up to $25 per token with its highest point being around $30 during this period. If these predictions were to come true then it would mark an impressive increase of nearly 50 percent since November 2022, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to enter the crypto space or diversify their existing portfolio holdings.

SOL Price Forecast For 2023

Digital Coin Price has estimated that by December 2023 SOL tokens could potentially reach a maximum value of $36.87 per token which would represent a significant rise from its current price level of around $20 USD per coin at present day prices. This forecast also takes into account any dips or surges experienced throughout the year which could affect overall price movements on both sides of the spectrum during this period of time..

Solana Price Forecast For 2024

Pricepredictionnet forecasts that by 2024 SOL tokens could potentially reach a maximum value of up to $80 USD per token depending on market conditions at any given time frame during this period of time As such, investors should bear in mind that despite these optimistic predictions there is always a chance that prices may not follow through as anticipated and therefore they should always take into consideration other external factors before making any decisions regarding investment strategies or portfolio allocations accordingly..

Crypto Market Liquidity Dwindling, Sparks Worry Among Traders

• The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) industries have a combined crypto market dominance of approximately 61 percent.
• Market analysts closely monitor the liquidity of the top two digital assets to understand how well the industry is performing.
• A significant drop in Bitcoin and Ethereum’s liquidity has caused crypto whales to struggle to trade large volumes, leading to increased volatility in the altcoin market.

Crypto Market Liquidity Dwindling

The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) industries have a combined crypto market dominance of approximately 61 percent, making it important for market analysts to closely monitor the liquidity of these two digital assets to understand how well the industry is performing. Unfortunately, there has been a significant drop in Bitcoin and Ethereum’s liquidity, causing crypto whales to struggle to trade large volumes and significantly impacting altcoin trading as well.

Fall of Alameda Research Contributes To Liquidity Crunch

The fall of Alameda Research, a sister crypto firm to the FTX exchange, has contributed significantly towards the current liquidity crunch that many traders are facing. The commonly used metric for assessing cryptocurrency liquidity conditions is 2 percent of market depth – a collection of buy and sell offers within 2 percent of the mid-price or the average price between bid and ask/offer prices. According to aggregate data from Paris-based crypto firm Kaik, Bitcoin’s 2 percent market depth for Tether USDT pairs aggregated from 15 centralized exchanges has slipped to 6,800 BTC – its lowest since May 2022.

Thin Liquidity Leads To Drastic Price Moves

Matthew Dibb, chief investment officer at Astronaut Capital commented on this situation saying that thin liquidity means more drastic moves in alternative cryptocurrencies. Fund managers are forced wait longer periods like days or weeks for their trades to be executed as realisticaly dwindling market depth has meant that most large funds have not been participating at same level as before due to amount of slippage associated with it leading analyst expect more volatility ahead particularly in altcoin markets which have lower liquidity than top two digital assets.

Visa & Mastercard Put Partnership Plans On Hold Due To Low Crypto Innovation

Recently Visa & Mastercard have put partnership plans on hold due low level innovation they’ve seen coming out from cryptocurrency sector which further adds concerns over falling liquidty levels because if major players like VISA & MASTERCARD don’t come into play then it will be difficult for many traders who want larger trades being executed quickly without waiting days or weeks due lack of funds available with them as result low level innovation by cryptocurrency sector could impact liquidty levels even more going forward than what we’re seeing today .

SEC Cracks Down Robinhood’s Crypto Business Model

Last but not least SEC recently cracked down on Robinhood’s proposed business model related cryptocurrency operations which may result limiting number centralized exchanges available which could further create problem when comes executing large trades quickly so this whole situation should be taken seriously by investors & traders alike before investing any money into cryptocurrencies because right now entire ecosystem looks uncertain with lots risks associated with it so proceed cautiously if you decide invest your hard earned money into cryptocurrencies going forward.

Investors Positive on XRP For First Time Since 2021: CoinShares Report

• The price of Ripple (XRP) has dropped back to where it was prior to the January market highs, and it shows no prospects of rising any time soon.
• However, on the flip side, XRP concluded last week with inflows of $300,000, according to CoinShares‘ most recent report on money movements in cryptocurrency-focused investment products.
• This was the first time since the year’s start that XRP-focused products had drawn money from investors.

Positive Investor Sentiment Around XRP

The value of XRP peaked in 2021 at $3.84, but it has since fallen to $0.3938. Ripple’s XRP value began to rise gradually throughout the month of January, but it has subsequently fallen as a result of recent market corrections. In terms of year-to-date gains, XRP is trailing behind other cryptocurrencies that have recorded notable gains since the start of the year.XRP had decreased over the last 24 hours to $0.39 at the time of publication. Over the previous 30 days, the coin has fallen 4%.

SEC Lawsuit Against Ripple

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Ripple in 2020 on the grounds that it had distributed $1.3 billion worth of unregistered securities using its XRP cryptocurrency. The claims are refuted by Ripple, which asserts that XRP does not qualify as a security and does not pass the Howey Test.

Largest Outflows Since December 2022

The highest withdrawals from digital asset investment products since late December 2022 occurred last week and totaled $32 million Last week, outflows were comparatively larger at $62 million at this point but by Friday there had been inflows of $30 million It’s interesting to note that outflows peaked during a week when Bitcoin was up more than 10% and decreased by 50% after regional bottom was far behind

CoinShares Report

CoinShares‘ most recent report on money movements in cryptocurrency-focused investment products read: „Digital asset investment products saw outflows totaling US$32m last week;the largest since late December 2022.“ Mid-way through last week outflows were much higher at US$62m but sentiment improved by Friday leading to an eventual increase in inflows for XRP focused product investments


Ripple Investor Sentiment Around XRP Switched to Positive for First Time as reported by CoinShares‘ latest report on money movements into cryptocurrency focused investments despite decline in price over past few months due to market corrections & SEC lawsuit against Ripple claiming distribution of unregistered securities via its crypto token .

2024: Get Ready For The Bitcoin Party!


  • The cryptocurrency market saw some big gains in the first month of 2023, following the FTX crash.
  • The next halving event for Bitcoin is scheduled for 2024, which could significantly increase its price.
  • Analysts and traders expect a strong surge in the price of BTC after the halving in 2024.

History of Halvings

Every four years, the mining benefits are cut in half; in 2024, the miner payout will be 3.125 BTC. This event, known as a ‚halving‘, reduces the number of Bitcoins in circulation, and has historically been associated with an increase in its price. PlanB, a cryptocurrency trading specialist stated that this second Bitcoin halving “will (again) pump BTC”. Josh Rager also predicted a significant surge in its value after May 4th 2024 – labelling it “the real party”.

January Gains

In January 2021 Bitcoin increased from $16.5k to $23.1k as bullish signals for crypto grew stronger following the FTX crash. February has seen some minor decreases but these have been expected due to seasonal changes and do not necessarily indicate long-term trends or movements within the market.

Halving Event Expectations

Many analysts and investors believe that this upcoming halving event could push up prices significantly due to reduced Bitcoin supply and increasing demand over time. The Halvings have historically created large opportunities for traders as they anticipate higher prices due to limited supply coming into circulation relative to demand levels at any given time.


The Halving event scheduled for May 4th 2024 is likely to be a major turning point for Bitcoin prices according to many experts within crypto finance markets – creating a new opportunity for those looking to enter or already invested within digital currencies at this time. It remains uncertain how exactly this will affect overall price movements but expectations are high that it will create favourable conditions for both short-term and long-term trading strategies within crypto markets moving forwards into Q3/Q4 of 2022 and beyond!

Bankman-Fried’s $250M Bail Bond Appeal: Identity Disclosure Delayed?

• Former FTX CEO SBF has filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit against a ruling made by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, which has delayed the disclosure of individuals who helped secure his $250 million bail bond.
• The global cryptocurrency community has been eagerly awaiting the public disclosure of those involved in securing SBF’s bail bond.
• As a result of SBF’s appeal, FTX and Alameda have incurred billions of dollars in losses, and there is an upcoming hearing in October to bring to light more details uncovered by investigators.

Bankman-Fried’s Bail Bond Appeal: Identity Disclosure Delayed?

Background on Appeal

Former FTX CEO SBF has filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit against a ruling made by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan which would require him to disclose the identities of individuals who helped secure his $250 million bail bond. This decision was met with much anticipation from the global cryptocurrency community, as they were eager to learn who else was involved in helping him obtain such a large amount of money. However, due to this appeal, it appears that these identities may be delayed until after the court case is heard and a judgment is issued.

FTX & Alameda: Losses & Recovery Efforts

The FTX and Alameda case has resulted in significant losses for numerous institutional investors, including international government agencies, as well as millions of individual investors. Since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year, FTX’s new CEO John Ray III has focused on recovering as many assets as possible from Voyager Digital through filing lawsuits demanding refunds from loans paid before maturity last year. Additionally, private letters have reportedly been sent to politicians seeking returnable donations made during their tenure at FTX.

Upcoming Hearing

As this case continues to escalate into its final stages, there will be an upcoming hearing in October that promises to bring more details uncovered by investigators into light regarding any financial laws that were broken during their tenure at FTX or Alameda Research Group.. In preparation for this hearing DebtDAO proposed creating a token called $FUD which would compensate creditors affected by these companies’ actions if approved by all parties involved.


The ongoing legal battle between former FTX CEO SBF and U.S District Judge Lewis Kaplan over his refusal to disclose individuals involved in securing his $250 million bail bond could possibly delay public knowledge about those involved until the court case is heard and ruled on later this year in October . Furthermore , it remains unclear how much money will end up being returned back to creditors affected by actions taken from both companies , however one thing is certain : Those responsible will certainly face tough questions regarding any financial laws broken during their tenure .

Celsius Issues Withdrawal Information for Eligible Users

• Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, has issued an official statement regarding the pending withdrawals for eligible users.
• Eligible users are required to update their accounts with AML and KYC information before withdrawals can be processed.
• Gas and transaction fees must also be covered in order for users to withdraw their assets.

Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, is providing a list of eligible users who can withdraw 94% of their crypto assets from the platform. The remaining 6% of assets will be determined at a later date. In order to process any withdrawals, eligible users must update their accounts with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) data, as well as the withdrawal destination address.

The release of this information follows a court filing submitted by the court-appointed examiner, Sho Sugimoto. The report noted that „Celsius faces significant liquidity and solvency issues resulting from a lack of business operations and limited access to capital.“ In addition to providing the necessary information, eligible users will also be informed of the gas and transaction fees associated with the withdrawal process. Celsius stresses that those who do not have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover these fees will not be able to withdraw their assets.

In an effort to provide some relief to its users, Celsius is also providing a list of resources to help them during this difficult time. This includes an informational video explaining the process, as well as links to third-party websites that can provide additional information and support.

Celsius’s CEO Alex Mashinsky has also released a statement expressing his regret over the situation. He noted that „we are doing everything we can to ensure our users are taken care of and can access their funds while we work to restructure our business and return to operations“. He also acknowledged that the situation is difficult and that the company is working hard to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

It is important to note that Celsius is not the only lending platform to face liquidity and solvency issues. Many other cryptocurrency firms have also been affected, and it is likely that more will follow in the near future. It is therefore important for users to remain vigilant and to do their due diligence when selecting a crypto lending platform.

Ultimately, it is essential for users to take responsibility for their own financial security. This means keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry and always being aware of any potential risks. Withdrawing funds from Celsius is not without its risks, but it is important for users to be aware of the options available to them and to ensure their assets are secure.

Ethereum Price Declines Despite FUD, Analysts Remain Bullish

• Ethereum’s price recovered to $1,600 on January 20, but crashed to $1,527 afterwards.
• According to experts at Santiment, the FUD around ETH may feed a bullish narrative for the asset.
• Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted a further decline in the price of Ethereum to around $1,450.

The price of Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, recovered to $1,600 on January 20, wiping out its losses from the collapse of the FTX exchange. However, after reaching a recent high of $1,638, the price crashed to $1,527. According to experts at Santiment, the FUD around ETH may feed a bullish narrative for the asset. The large profit-taking transaction ratio increased on January 20, and 21% of conversations on social media sites involved the currency. Data from Whale Alert also indicates that a whale today dumped 24,768 ETH worth $38 million into the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted a further decline in the price of Ethereum to around $1,450. Van de Poppe believes that the critical support level of $1,550 may see some rebounding in the price of Ethereum, but there is still potential for further declines. He also warned that if Ethereum fails to hold the $1,450 support level, the price could drop to $1,300.

Despite the increasing FUD surrounding Ethereum, some analysts remain optimistic about the future of the asset. According to one analyst, Ethereum is still in a good position to break out of its current consolidation range and reach a new all-time high. He suggested that, with the increasing institutional interest in Ethereum, the asset is likely to continue its uptrend in the near future.

Overall, while the FUD around Ethereum may cause some short-term dips in the asset’s price, the long-term prospects remain positive. With increasing institutional interest and the possibility of Ethereum reaching a new all-time high, the asset is likely to remain bullish in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin Approaching a Crucial Level: Will It Mark a Bearish or Bullish Trend?

Bullet Points:
1. Bitcoin is approaching a crucial level which may have a larger impact on its price in the coming days.
2. Bitcoin is close to witnessing a death cross, which is when the 200-day MA and 50-day MA cross each other and the 200-day MA heads towards the lower support.
3. Trading View suggests that the death cross is expected to happen in the next week or two and the price may still undergo a bullish divergence.

Bitcoin is on the verge of undergoing a bearish event which could have a major impact on its price in the short term. The star crypto is about to witness a death cross in the weekly timeframe for the first time in history, which is when the 200-day moving average (MA) and 50-day MA cross each other and the 200-day MA heads towards the lower support.

Bitcoin price has already slipped down below $23,000, creating a wave of uncertainty over the crypto space. The altcoins which had risen above their respective resistance levels have dropped below the levels, which could flash the revival of a bearish trend. The death cross may further intensify the bearishness and the impact is being expected at a larger scale in the daily chart with the price being expected to drop by nearly 7% to 10%.

Trading View suggests that the death cross is expected to happen in the next week or two as the prevailing bearish formations may impact the price negatively. However, the price may still undergo a bullish divergence due to the bullish momentum seen in the last few weeks. Bitcoin price is up by 50% from the November lows and throughout history, the price has surged by such a major margin.

The impact of the death cross remains to be seen, as analysts are split on whether it will be bearish or bullish. While some are expecting the death cross to mark the beginning of a bearish trend, others are expecting it to mark the beginning of a much larger bullish trend. It is important to note that the death cross is not necessarily a bearish indicator, and it can also signal the start of a larger uptrend.

It is recommended that traders exercise caution and take a wait and see approach before making any decisions. The death cross could indeed mark the beginning of a larger trend and it is important to be aware of the implications of such an event. As always, it is advised to do your own research before investing.

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