2024: Get Ready For The Bitcoin Party!


  • The cryptocurrency market saw some big gains in the first month of 2023, following the FTX crash.
  • The next halving event for Bitcoin is scheduled for 2024, which could significantly increase its price.
  • Analysts and traders expect a strong surge in the price of BTC after the halving in 2024.

History of Halvings

Every four years, the mining benefits are cut in half; in 2024, the miner payout will be 3.125 BTC. This event, known as a ‚halving‘, reduces the number of Bitcoins in circulation, and has historically been associated with an increase in its price. PlanB, a cryptocurrency trading specialist stated that this second Bitcoin halving “will (again) pump BTC”. Josh Rager also predicted a significant surge in its value after May 4th 2024 – labelling it “the real party”.

January Gains

In January 2021 Bitcoin increased from $16.5k to $23.1k as bullish signals for crypto grew stronger following the FTX crash. February has seen some minor decreases but these have been expected due to seasonal changes and do not necessarily indicate long-term trends or movements within the market.

Halving Event Expectations

Many analysts and investors believe that this upcoming halving event could push up prices significantly due to reduced Bitcoin supply and increasing demand over time. The Halvings have historically created large opportunities for traders as they anticipate higher prices due to limited supply coming into circulation relative to demand levels at any given time.


The Halving event scheduled for May 4th 2024 is likely to be a major turning point for Bitcoin prices according to many experts within crypto finance markets – creating a new opportunity for those looking to enter or already invested within digital currencies at this time. It remains uncertain how exactly this will affect overall price movements but expectations are high that it will create favourable conditions for both short-term and long-term trading strategies within crypto markets moving forwards into Q3/Q4 of 2022 and beyond!